Thursday, January 6, 2011

tail light update

after a few days of research  i found out what the orginal tail light housings are made of their are 2 choices in material

one is  zamak 3  this is normally used with injection molding it requires high pressure and set up fairly quick

the other is za-8   this is a combination zinc and 8% aluminum mixture  the higher aluminum content allows this to stay fluid longer and can be  pour in with a ladle         

both materials have are pretty much equal  except for the  fluidity time

i bought  za-8   because this is what harley uses for their tail lights  so i know this will chrome real good

and after a few day waiting the material has arrived this is what za-8 looks like

za-8 melts at 850 -900 degrees
requires no degasser or fluxes
the steel mold will have to be preheated to 300 - 400 degrees
for mold release  either actylene tourch soot or graphite powder    i also read people use talcum powder

i am waiting on a  2 degree tappered end mill to arrive so i can cut  the tapper on the little block i added to the mold so i will not have to cut out  the liscence plate lens window then the mold is finish and i can try making one

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