Friday, January 14, 2011

little john tranny ever wonder whats in one

im sure everyone has seen the ads in the old biker mags for a little john 5 speed tranny but have you ever seen the inside of one  well heres your chance
the case was made about a half and inch longer than a harley case and  the countershaft and case bushings were removed and replaced  with the plugs shown below

the mainshaft was made longer to accomidate the extra gear  the first second cluster was shortend about a half inch  and the main drive gear now has two gears on it instead of one

the  top looks just like a rachet top but is slightly longer  and has a square shape on kicker end   the shift drum is made out of solid  steel  they also  machined an extra groove in it for a third shifter fork  also the two shifter gears are cut on slight angle looks like its to make up for machining errors

the shifter fork finger portion looks like its from a turtle top  the forks  them selves have been narrowed  so they wont hit other gears

the counter shaft cluster  doesnt have a removable shaft one end is a hole bearings go in and the plug slides into it   the other end is supported by  a plug bearings go in and the cluster slides in    both plugs go into the case and supporting the  cluster     

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

cleaning out my computer again

cleaning out a few prism /tank bike pics that got on the net  figured i would postem before their gone

i dont know who built the red honda but its real nice

done at last

   well i can finally say i am finished  with the mold

   yesterday  i  added on the little square that will make a notch in the housing  for  the liscence plate  lens  i screwed it on and the cut it to a 2 degree taper to match mold top half    i  also removed an inch off the bottom to get ride of some weight

  the orginal housing  fits the mold so well that the tapers lock  to the piont i have to pry it off

  after seeing how hard it is to get the orginal housing off the mold  cory and i added the  aluminum plate  with ejector pins  on the four corners of the housing  so i wont have to pry  the housings off         i will be able to hit the corner of the mold with a rubber mallet and the ejector pins should just push the housing up enought to take it off by hand

hopefully in a day or 2  i will get to try casting a housings

Friday, January 7, 2011

dans long bike

heres a few pics of dans bike i just rebuilt the motor in it

3 cylinder shovelhead

i was going thru some stuff today and came across this picture of  a bike my dad an a guy named bob built
back of the picture say still buzzing and is date 82  so who knows how long it was together  before the pic

also like to say thanks to jason at death science for the nice post  his link is right   ------>   

Thursday, January 6, 2011

tail light update

after a few days of research  i found out what the orginal tail light housings are made of their are 2 choices in material

one is  zamak 3  this is normally used with injection molding it requires high pressure and set up fairly quick

the other is za-8   this is a combination zinc and 8% aluminum mixture  the higher aluminum content allows this to stay fluid longer and can be  pour in with a ladle         

both materials have are pretty much equal  except for the  fluidity time

i bought  za-8   because this is what harley uses for their tail lights  so i know this will chrome real good

and after a few day waiting the material has arrived this is what za-8 looks like

za-8 melts at 850 -900 degrees
requires no degasser or fluxes
the steel mold will have to be preheated to 300 - 400 degrees
for mold release  either actylene tourch soot or graphite powder    i also read people use talcum powder

i am waiting on a  2 degree tappered end mill to arrive so i can cut  the tapper on the little block i added to the mold so i will not have to cut out  the liscence plate lens window then the mold is finish and i can try making one