Tuesday, January 11, 2011

done at last

   well i can finally say i am finished  with the mold

   yesterday  i  added on the little square that will make a notch in the housing  for  the liscence plate  lens  i screwed it on and the cut it to a 2 degree taper to match mold top half    i  also removed an inch off the bottom to get ride of some weight

  the orginal housing  fits the mold so well that the tapers lock  to the piont i have to pry it off

  after seeing how hard it is to get the orginal housing off the mold  cory and i added the  aluminum plate  with ejector pins  on the four corners of the housing  so i wont have to pry  the housings off         i will be able to hit the corner of the mold with a rubber mallet and the ejector pins should just push the housing up enought to take it off by hand

hopefully in a day or 2  i will get to try casting a housings

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