Friday, December 17, 2010

mold update almost done

well here is hopefully my last update

i have finished the dowel pins   all holes are  reamed out pins are in  mold lines up perfectly

the  two hole for the  lens screw bosses have been drilled out and tappered to 3 degrees this took a little work  i had to pre drill each hole then flatten bottom of the  the holes with a 5/16 end mill  after that i  tappered each hole with a tappered end mill i reengineer to have a 5/16 diameter tip

then i drilled and tapped 2 holes for 1/2 x13 bolt to hold mold together

lastly i added a secondary peice for the  liscence plate lens cutout

 all that is left is to  put  this piece on an angle plate and cut 2  degree angle on it
and bolt blocks together and cut all sides again so they are fully square  to each other

last picture shows housing on the mold  it fits perfectly just have to sand out screw hole corners  and will go on the rest of the way

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