Thursday, December 2, 2010

mastercraft mold update

im in the finall stretch   this is whats left

1  polish out top half of mold     thats half way done     {  but will have to stop for  a day or 2 wore of my finger tips  }

2    transfer  1/2' holes from top to bottom half and tap to 1/2'    { clamps mold  together }

3   lens screws  holes    drill  2 holes  5/16  . square the bottom up with 5/16 end mill . then grind a 3 degree end mill  to have a 5 /16 blunt face with slight corner radius         { left one }

4   do a test part    if part measures  up correctly after  shrinkage      i left .010 per inch  

5    heat treament  and im done  
after this i will be able to sell off all the nos lens i have along with a  repop housing


  1. Looking good James. Lotta work. Saw Blackjack yesterday,said he's bringing the square springer to me this weekend(we'll see).

  2. thank im about to finish up this month just been to busy with work